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Jaroslav Cibulka

Jaroslav Cibulka

Research fellow

Visiting address:

Jugoslavskych partyzanu 1580/3, 166 36 Prague 6, Czech republic

Room: B-303

Also available at:


About me

I am currently working as ESR-ITN-MSCA fellow at the Biomedical Engineering and Assistive Technology group. My project is “Design, development and testing of a low cost pet-like care-bot, in connection with IoT, as a source of interventions for patients with dementia”. I have master’s degree in mechanical engineering (University of West Bohemia, Pilsen). During the course of my career, I have been drifted from industrial towards multidisciplinary societal challenges. My current research focus is within robotics, assistive technology and non-invasive medical technology. I have gained practical research experience in autonomous robotics and non-invasive medical technology (fNIRS brain neuroimaging, motion analysis, wearable physio-telemetry etc.) as a research engineer at the Oslo Metropolitan University.

My goal in project DISTINCT is to contribute towards improving the care and quality of life of people with dementia and thus reduce the burden of caregivers and relatives.


Undergraduate course at Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies (MIAS) of the Czech Technical University (CTU):

Tutorials: Robotics (G77C0008)


2021 – Ozdemir, D., Cibulka, J., Stepankova, O. et al. Design and implementation framework of social assistive robotics for people with dementia – a scoping review. Health Technol. 11, 367–378 (2021).

Conference contributions

2020 – Deniz Ozdemir, Jaroslav Cibulka, Olga Stepankova , Iva Holmerova (2020) Design and Implementation Framework of Pet- like Companion Robot Technology for Care of Older People: A Scoping Review. Proceedings of the 18th International Symposium on Health Information Management Research pp.191-192. ISBN: 978-91-89081-09-3.